Do something

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You know, I have to do something about this. Instead of reading Twitter or Facebook, I should be writing, writing, and writing. There’s no excuse. So I’m starting now. The things that are in the pipeline: dissertation rewrite for publication as a book–that’s the theory part. The other part, the short stories have to be published but I don’t know how to get hold of copyright.

I’m simply too busy teaching Flannery O’Connor and Shakespeare. Definitely, O’Connor is worth a paper or two, especially since the interpretations that I’ve found on the internet don’t do justice to a deeper reading of her short stories.

I have to check the papers of the students, both the modlit and the shakespeare course. I’ve been busy taking photos and going all over the place, making up for lost time, so to speak.

Another paper that I have in mind is teaching literature using the methods that I’ve found most effective. I already have something brief written when I gave the speech to the CAS faculty. I just have to organize it and make it into a full-blown book. The book has to include the references with me.

I have to return the Paideia book and the O’Connor book to the library. I’m wondering if they will give back the Lear book I bought.