posting today

by jonicdao

Let’s journal that thing. As far as I know, I’m good until 10 am today. Which means that I can update this journal without having to worry about answering email or getting bogged down by stuff. At least I have focus working which will keep focused for ten minutes.
I have to update the class stuff. Oops oops, getting distracted again by computer stuff. This usb thing is not working. I have to probably reassign some drives to the other hub. Maybe that will be better. Still no response? Ah, now it’s working. Everything seems to be working swimmingly well. So far, no crashes on the notebook. Time machine is updating. This batch seems to be a good one!
I know that it will take me a tremendous amount of time just to get things straight. I believe that there will come a time when I won’t have to worry or not. To stay or not to stay, that is the question.
Maybe I can talk to someone about it.
I still have a few more minutes to carry out this thing.
Any other thing still missing?
tell them there’s an app for that (both android and iOS).
I am daily becoming more optimistic about stuff.
It will be a challenge to help the challenged students. Assistant teachers and students. Who want to be teachers? students?
I’ll make the groupings. Share knowledge. Remember, you learn more when you explain things to others.
That goes for the first classes. Let’s see how much they will manage to learn with this collaborative stuff.
Fixed the blinds. I hope it holds up just with the tape that I placed. Maybe I have to change the blinds so that the window would look nicer. Anyway, I have my photos up. I’ll also put up Ansel Adam’s photos to complete the series. Maybe just four, using double-sided tape. That will work. Someone’s asking to be my friend.
Times up!