Don’t get distracted

by jonicdao

Don’t get distracted
I have six minutes to update this blog and then off to work, preparing the readings for introduction to literature and others. There’s a huge difference in preparing well for the semester. Don’t miss out. Whenever I feel that I’m not prepared, that means I’m not prepared.
Up next: The methodology of every meeting and the other policies.
When it takes full concentration to do things, you don’t have time to mess around with twitter and Facebook.
I have to get back to the habit of reading without any distractions—something that I have to teach the students.
The secret to success. Foolproof way to get things done and enjoy the free time you will get back. I can include this in my powerpoint slides.
– Leave your phone, tablet, gadget, device, laptop outside your room
– Just bring your notebook or piece of paper. pencil or pen. the book or reading.
– Don’t even switch on music
– Lock yourself in a room, preferably with a good sofa or armchair and no windows
– Give yourself a time deadline that you have to finish by that time
– Don’t be too ambitious, start with 15 minutes
Everyone’s ready for the graduation?
I think it’s better for the kids to use the printed version. Actually, it’s already 9 am but I still can write a few more things. The distraction of having too many stuff—bags, gadgets, papers, books, and just stuff. How does one simplify one’s life?
Starting from the material things and then on to the most basic needs. I think this is one good plan but it’s the will power that matters. Or maybe we won’t even leave it to will power simply by automating stuff so that we don’t have to think of them—that is, less cognitive burden.
The minimalist and the simplicity of a life pared down to the minimum.